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about Guardian Health solutions

The healthcare industry is challenged to become more affordable and more effective in an environment with limited resources and rapid change.

We want to simplify the complexities of healthcare management and optimise the performance of your emergency department so you can focus on what’s really important — patient care and quality of service.

With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Guardian Health Solutions and its flow experts have turned around the financial performance and improved the service delivery of several Emergency Departments in the Australian public system by using smarter processes and modern technology.

Our Solutions

Guardian Health Solutions has robust and practical solutions that improve emergency department flow and metrics for a variety of private and public healthcare providers

Connected health

Aligning processes and technology to healthcare outcomes – achieving simple efficiencies and better patient flow

Departmental Optimisation

Innovative and practical solutions to make your emergency department operate efficiently and affordably

Healthcare Technology

Guardian Health Solutions include a suite of technologically based solutions to support better flow and smarter patient care

why does it matter

As Australia’s population increases we have more pressure than ever to deliver more efficient and affordable healthcare without compromising our service.

Guardian Health Solutions focuses on optimising emergency departments to improve flow and metrics, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve and deliver the best service possible.

Some of our happy clients

Dr. Ben Croton – Former Director of Emergency Medicine for Wide Bay Health Services, Queensland

“Using the principles outlined by The Guardian Health solutions consultants we have managed to increase our hospital’s emergency department performance metrics, decrease ambulance ramping, and decrease patient time to being seen in the emergency department. I would wholeheartedly recommend the strategies and approach of Guardian healthcare in maximizing emergency department performance.”

Dr Adam Michael – Emergency Medicine Specialist, Bundaberg Hospital Queensland

“The practical analysis of our emergency department flow and metrics by The Guardian health consulting team helped the emergency department move from a lower tier performance to the highest level of performance in the state. Their grassroots approach, combined with the decades of knowledge of emergency department flow across a wide range of hospitals make Guardian health The logical choice for any hospital wishing to improve it’s emergency department performance metrics.”

We’re always keen to see how we can help emergency departments flow and metrics. Get in contact anytime!